Tengo 22 años. Soy abogado de la Agencia de Talentos Wright & Co.

Aún no tengo mucha experiencia, pero sé que con mis "Cuerdas de Acero" podré ganar todos los casos.

(( This account is mainly to RP with my spanish Klavier, but I can roleplay in english too with everyone. Independent RP account))

// what if i make my brother cosplay Apollo

Getting to know the mun.

✂: post photo of yourself
æ: tell 5 things about your best friend
✌: share 5 things that you really want
♡: share 5 favourite songs
❁: share 5 favourite blogs
✓: tell 5 facts about yourself
♧: share 5 facts about your appearance
☆: share your current mood
✖: something you hate
☼: something you love
ϟ: ask anything


i really do like it when people tell me about themselves. it doesn’t matter what. it can be about their day, what they did that they found amazing, what their hobbies are, etc. i like knowing about people. in a way, it makes me feel like they trust me. you’re not bothering me with your rambling. i actually prefer to listen.

((Preparing a banner for my blog.))

// D: yo siempre he querido aprender a hacer banners xD



do you ever stare at two tumblr users and wait for them to start dating

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